Basil Sweet Thai

Basil Sweet Thai

Known as Holapa leaf in Thai recipes

Sweet Thai Basil leaves have a aniseed or liquorice flavour over a basil flavour and is used in curries, stir-fries, beef, pork and chicken dishes. Use whole leaves in a salad.
Medicinally for relaxation when bruised leaves are applied under eyes and forehead. Aromatherapy for inhaling relaxation.

  • Annual
  • Height 45cm
  • Attractive Pink flower clusters and purple stems
  • Place on a sunny windowsill or in a sheltered sunny garden
  • Fertile moist but well drained soil
  • Remove flower buds to encourage fresh young leaves and maintain flavour. Water from underneath.

Infuse with vinegar or oil.


Thai basil beer

Thai basil pesto with peanuts, rice vinegar, fish sauce, sesame oil