Blueberry Pink Lemonade


Vaccinium ashei
3L pot

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Blueberry Pink Lemonade is a fabulous addition to the garden providing year round interest as well as bearing delicious fruit, which are a deep pink, glossy and firm.  Pink Lemonade has a display of blueish white bell shaped flowers, with pale green fruits in the Summer, becoming dappled with pale pink until they are fully ripe when they turn to a deep pink colour.  After harvesting in August/September the leaves turn to a splendid colour of bright orange, turning then to deep red, revealing reddish brown stems in the Winter.  The fruit borne is beautifully sweet and firm.
  • Hardy
  • Height 1.5m
  • Planting distance 1.2m
  • Self-fertile
  • Requires ericaceous compost/soil
  • Cropping August/September

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