Catnip – Seeds


Nepeta cataria
Average pack content 500 seeds

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Dry leaves to make Catnip toys.

  • Hardy perennial
  • Height 1m
  • Pale whitish pink flowers in summer
  • Plant in partial shade or sun
  • Well drained, nutrient rich soil
  • Grow in pots for control in small gardens. Divide and thin in Spring or autumn as required.
How to grow Sow directly onto moist compost in small pots or seed trays and cover with vermiculite or fine compost. Grow on in a sunny spot. Harvest If harvesting leaves for your cat, harvest after flowering for a stronger scent. The most potent scent is from the flowers, then the leaves. Seed licence no. 7687 Packaging 100% of our seed packaging is biodegradable and recyclable and is manufactured here in the UK. The internal seed packets are also splash proof and made from 100% PEFC Certified Paper.