Chamomile – Seeds


Matricaria chamomilla
Average pack content 650 seeds

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The flowers of this variety of Chamomile are dried for use in tea. Medicinally for insomnia and as an anti-inflammatory.  This variety has higher volatile oils to other types.
  • Annual
  • Height 40cm
  • White daisy like flowers on long stems. Non-scented leaves but scented flowers
  • Prefers full sun
  • Light well drained soil
How to grow Sow directly onto moist compost and cover with vermiculite or fine compost. Prick out into pots/containers when the two seed leaves are showing. Grow on in a sunny spot. Alternatively sow into shallow drills or broadcast sow outdoors. Cover seed with fine soil. Thin as required when large enough to pull. Harvest Harvest when flower heads have opened fully and dry the heads in a dry area. Your Chamomile is ready for an infusion when it crumbles in your fingers. Seed licence no. 7687 Packaging 100% of our seed packaging is biodegradable and recyclable and is manufactured here in the UK. The internal seed packets are also splash proof and made from 100% PEFC Certified Paper.