Cranberry Pilgrim


Vaccinium macrocarpon
3L pot

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Cranberry Pilgrim is perfect in containers or hanging baskets due to its cascading habit.  It can also offer if permitted, excellent ground cover and can be used as an ornamental plant as well as productive one.  It is a variety which does not require very wet conditions unlike other cranberries.  It has bronze evergreen leaves, which turn a rich red in Autumn through Winter.  Pinkish red flowers form in the Summer, followed by large glossy berries which are dark red in colour.  Pilgrim has a distinctive tart flavour.  The berries are rich in vitamin C and in anti-oxidants and are excellent for juicing or for sauces..
  • Hardy
  • Height 30cm
  • Spread 75cm
  • Self-fertile
  • Crops late September/October

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