Honeyberry Honey Bee

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Lonicera caerulea
3L pot

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Honeyberry Honey Bee is a fast growing medium sized bushy soft fruit shrub with small green leaves.  It has very high yield with berries rich in Vitamins A and C and full of anti-oxidants. Flowering begins in early Spring and is a good source of nectar for early pollinators.  Blue cylindrical berries form by July, and when ripe the berries will have a white bloom and flesh will be a deep red.  Fruit has a sweet flavour with slight astringency.  It has been bred as a pollinator for self-sterile varieties. It is very cold tolerant and disease resistant.  Honey Bee needs a companion variety for pollination purposes such as Blue Banana.
  • Hardy
  • Height 1.8m
  • Spread 1.5m
  • Cropping June/July
  • Needs a companion variety, we suggest Blue Banana