Summer Savory – Seeds


Satureja hortensis
Average pack content 250 seeds

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Summer Savory has a peppery flavour and we believe a superior flavour to Winter Savory.  It is an important flavouring for salami, used frequently in Mediterranean dishes and is one of the herbs in herbs de Provence.  It can be used in bean, poultry, egg, meat and fish dishes, for vinegars and as a condiment.  The peppery leaves can be used to flavour soups and as an alternative to thyme. In Germany it is called bean herb (bohenkraut) and is said to have anti-flatulence benefits and it is also said to repel blackfly on broadbeans.
  • Half Hardy Annual
  • Height 35cm-45cm
  • Slender bronze-green leaves with lilac flowers.
  • Prefers a sunny position
  • Well drained soil
  • Cut back as often as you can, which will also delay flowering.
  • Harvest and dry before flowering
How to grow Sow into seed trays onto moist compost and cover with vermiculite or fine compost. Prick out into pots/containers when the two seed leaves are showing. Grow on in a sunny spot. Harvest Harvest when required, cutting above the leaf to encourage new and bushy growth. Seed licence no. 7687 Packaging 100% of our seed packaging is biodegradable and recyclable and is manufactured here in the UK. The internal seed packets are also splash proof and made from 100% PEFC Certified Paper.