Thyme – Seeds


Thymus vulgaris
Average pack content 450 seeds

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Thyme is perfect with chicken, for stuffings, salads, meats, fish, Mediterranean dishes.
  • Hardy evergreen perennial
  • Height 30cm
  • Deep fragrant green leaves with purple flowers in summer.
  • Sunny position
  • Prefers poor free draining soils
How to grow

Sow directly onto moist compost and cover with vermiculite or fine compost.  Prick out into pots/containers when the two seed leaves are showing. Grow on in a sunny spot. 


Harvest when required.

Seed licence no. 7687


100% of our seed packaging is biodegradable and recyclable and is manufactured here in the UK. The internal seed packets are also splash proof and made from 100% PEFC Certified Paper.