We just love good food and we don’t think we are the only ones.  There is nothing better than being able to go to your kitchen windowsill or step outside your door and find an array of tastes to inspire you and to add flavour to any dish. But we are not just food lovers we have a passion for our natural environment and the more environmental destruction we see the more passionate we become about growing edible plants for a sustainable future to not only sustain ourselves, but the wildlife around us.  Afterall we need our pollinators, the birds, the bees, the butterflies, the hoverflies…  Without the pollinators we have no pears, hazlenuts, poppyseeds, did I say Cider?

We use natural integrated pest management systems on the nursery.  We have been using increasing peat free compost ratios and have had good success with a peat alternative, sourced and produced in the U.K. and only a stones’ throw away.  Permaculture, basically sustainable living and sustainable produce is close to our hearts without forgetting the quality of our plants.

We know the highest yields are produced in small spaces, such as windowsills, window boxes, patio containers and small gardens.  Basil, chives and coriander are my windowsill essentials and a few tiny leaves can jazz up the most basic of meals.  We love growing new varieties on the nursery, such as the delicious hot and spicy oregano to add to our windowsill and garden favourites.




Production Manager

With a Higher National Diploma in landscape design, a Permaculture Design qualification and 28 years’ experience in the horticulture trade Neil has a special interest in plant propagation and production.



Production Assistant

Passionate about propagating and growing edibles with a Bristol Botanic Garden RHS level II Certificate in Horticulture and 8 years growing experience.

Locally Grown Herbs

We offer culinary and aromatic herbs to liven up any meal, windowsill or garden.  Some also have medicinal properties.  We have nurtured our herbs directly from seed or cutting.

Where We Sell

See use at food festivals, fairs and markets to purchase our products.   We also offer postage options to customers or visit us by appointment on our nursery.   Check out our blog for details.

Planting Advice

We offer advice on the growing on of herbs and edible plants.   Our herbs can create wonderful colourful displays and we have some great herb garden tips.  We offer a lot of herbs which are hardy perennials and are easy to grow.